The modern world is a funny old place. On the one hand, we’re better connected than ever before. We can see, hear and interact with people anywhere in the world. Yet, on the other, we’re further away from the people near us. Our virtual communities are scattered across continents, leaving mostly strangers on our doorsteps.

The chap upstairs, the lady who gets the same bus, the older gent who lives next-door-but-one. What are their names? What have they experienced? What can they teach me? What makes them happy?

BuddyHub arranges the connections you need to transform the place you live in to a community; the strangers who live alongside you into friends; and, most importantly, loneliness and isolation into happiness and laughter.


The BuddyHub Mission

Alleviate loneliness and isolation, particularly in the older generation, by building small groups of like-minded people

Create a way for people to give a little time on a flexible basis to make a real difference to someone’s life

Spread happiness, friendship and a sense of community that’ll benefit all involved

Build a world that we’ll all want to grow older in


Why become a Buddy?

Firstly, because it’s easy – BuddyHub does all the leg work. We’ll find a Friendship Wheel that suits you, with a number of Buddies, so it’s flexible and visiting is shared.

And it’s rewarding – The best thing about BuddyHub is everyone benefits. We carefully match people so that each connection is mutually enriching.

And exciting – you’ll have a new social network right in your neighbourhood

I’m interested in being a Buddy

Friendship Wheels

There are so many transitions we face in later life that it’s no wonder our social networks can reduce as we become older.

We may retire, or our health or mobility may change. Family members, friends and neighbours may be lost through bereavement or moving away. We may become carers or need care at home ourselves. We may move into a care home.

This is all a normal part of life and it can lead to fewer connections or less activity.

BuddyHub creates a new social network of like-minded new friends, called a Friendship Wheel, exclusively for an older person right where it’s needed – close to home.

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