how it works

How it Works

One million people over 65 feel lonely “all or most of the time” in the UK. Loneliness is harmful to both physical and mental health. It also raises the risk of developing dementia and heart disease, among other conditions. BuddyHub create social circles of like-minded new friends for older people to help them live well as they age.  We’re a Community Interest Community which basically means we are here to benefit the public.

We create social circles of friends for older people called ‘Friendship Wheels’

We aim to connect an older person with up to three like-minded Buddies (our volunteers), who live no more than a 30-minute walk away. 

Seniors and Buddies are carefully matched based on their interests and experiences. They can then get to know each other in a fun and flexible way.

That’s what it’s all about: making friends and enjoying each other’s company.

Become a BuddyHub Buddy

Become a BuddyHub Senior

We are currently working in London boroughs such as Islington and Hackney, but hope to go national within the next three years. Watch this space!