“Matched with a Member from Sierra Leone”

I was matched with a Member from Sierra Leone who I never would have met in the normal course of life. It’s been my pleasure to get to know him and talk about our different life experiences.


“Makes me politically and socially engaged”

I’ve gained insight that we all live inside our social bubbles and don’t necessarily interact with other people. Being a part of BuddyHub is insightful, inspiring and makes me more politically and socially engaged.


“It has given me a new lease of life”

The experience has been invaluable in getting my dull life moving forward again. I am so delighted I am part of BuddyHub.


“It’s like I’ve woken up!”

I’m getting back to living and not just functioning. I’m starting to do things I was interested in before. It’s like I’ve woken up!


“Such a great duo”

So amazing, such a great duo. So refreshing to hear from someone who is from a completely different demographic, broadening my horizons. So much in common. Meant to be!


“Life-changing experience”

I started with high hopes but I didn’t know it was going to be such an enriching experience. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful, life-changing and most human experiences I have ever embarked on.