Growing older can be challenging. Retirement, changes to health and mobility, friends and family either passing away or moving on… These are all facts of life but they can lead to isolation and loneliness. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Friendships are at the core of one’s well-being. Think of how much happier you can feel when you’re with others. BuddyHub helps to create that feeling by building a little social circle around you, based on who you are and what you like to do. It might be a walk in the park, a trip to the museum, sharing a home-cooked meal or having a chat in front of the TV. The choice is yours.

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We value you as an individual and all that you have experienced. There are people out there that would love to learn from you. We want to connect you to them. Here’s your chance to tell a few tales, bake the best cake your Buddy has ever tasted or dazzle them with your desert island discs. In return, they could explain the delights of Facebook or help you move a few things round. Together you might just crack that crossword.
You are never too old to share happiness. And thanks to the abundant goodwill around us, you will have up to three Buddies to get to know. That should ensure at least one visit a week. If you can’t get out into the community we will bring the community to you. Wherever you are, your world will open up in a Friendship Wheel.

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“I’m getting back to living and not just functioning. It’s like I’ve woken up… I’m starting to do things I was interested in”

Audrey, Islington Senior (name changed to protect identity)