The Friendship Series is Launched!

The Friendship Series Episode 1

How Many Friends Do You Really Need?

3 min read

Join ‘The Friendship Series’ with Catherine McClen, BuddyHub’s Founder as she shares some of her friendship expertise acquired by helping people make new friends for more than nine years. Catherine found out pretty early on that human relationships are complex and started to read extensively around the social science of forming meaningful friendships to shape the design of BuddyHub’s model. In the process she became fascinated about human connection realising how vital friendships are to our health and wellbeing.

In this series, Catherine will discuss what she has learned about making new friends and her knowledge around the science of friendship. The aim of the series is to help you better appreciate the importance of friendships and share ways to nurture and expand your circle of friends. In the 1st episode Catherine discusses how many friends you really need.

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